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I’ve worked with a variety of amazing creative business owners such as photographers, wedding planners, interior designers, and restaurants to name just a few. 

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 I create purposeful brands for women in business so they can be recognized in luxury markets and build connection at every touchpoint.

Hey! I'm Lauren

Hey, friend! I’m Lauren.

Typically, I introduce myself on social media about once a quarter but this time I wanted to do introductions on the blog so I could go more in depth with a little Q & A!

Enneagram #

I am a pretty classic enneagram 6! I love when clients turn into friends and I work hard to problem solve for them and create the best brand for their biz.

Fav movie

It’s impossible to pick just one. I love almost anything fantasy and comedies. Some fav series are Star Wars, Marvel, LOTR, and Harry Potter.

Fav drink

You can almost always find me drinking coffee – iced nutella lattes to be specific. If the amount of caffeine weren’t so detrimental I’d probably be drinking more than the two a day I already drink. I also love sparkling water.

Outside of designing you can find me…

…spending time with my family. I’ve been married to Ben for 8 years and we have 3 kids – almost 3, 4, and 6. We love the beach and the outdoors. I also love cooking, baking, gardening, and crocheting/knitting – basically I’m 80 years old. Ben and I also play instruments – he plays cello, drums, and guitar – I play piano and sing. We play in church together every week and absolutely love it.

Fav music

I love anything Indie or folk – think Head and the Heart, Birdie, Cage the Elephant, Foster the People.

Fav type of food

This is difficult because I love food BUT it would have to be either Greek or Korean. I love a good rice bowl whether that’s a greek bowl with chicken or bibimbap – yum!

I’d love to hear more about YOU! Send me a message or connect on Instagram and introduce yourself. 🙂

Lyra Studios creates purposeful brands for women in business so they can be recognized in luxury markets and build connection at every touchpoint. If you’re ready to ditch the DIY cycle and create a brand that will help your business grow, get in touch and let’s get started.

"I am attracting my ideal clients and BOOKING them at a price point I am really excited about. My investment in rebranding with Lyra Studios was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

- Maeghan Spurr

"I honestly was blown away by not only the quality of Lauren's work but also her professionalism. Her response time and attentiveness along with her level of artistry will have me recommending her over and over again."

- nicole roberts

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but my mind was completely blown when Lauren came back with my branding presentation. It was like she somehow went into my brain and translated my feelings and thoughts into absolutely gorgeous high-end design."

- Christina

-kristin wood

From start to finish, working with Lauren has been the best experience! From our first conversation, I felt like she understood my brand and more importantly, the clients and mamas I serve...she nailed it!

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