Open new doors with an elevated, timeless, and trustworthy brand 

Custom Brand Design for Creative Women in Business

You’re an original with a story to tell. Shouldn’t your brand be on the same page?

DIYing and pre-made templates have taken you a long way, from the passion you couldn’t stop dreaming about to the real-life business that you’re now leading with pride.

What got you here as an entrepreneur won’t get you there as your industry’s go-to expert. When you’re ready for growth, a brand that’s not-quite-it anymore is holding you back. 

Let’s make this your last rebrand with a beautiful brand that’s built to last. 

The truth is, your brand can actually be your key to freedom.

A strategic, aligned, and inspired visual identity is your business’s best ambassador. When your brand confidently connects with your perfect people (and invites them in for a latte), you can forget hitting a wall in your business or worrying about raising prices. Instead, your brand has your back as you break into – and stand out in – the luxury market you’re eyeing. 

building smart, beautiful brands from the heart

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Here’s how we design your dream brand:

Fully-custom brands for uniquely creative businesses

01 | Start with Strategy

It’s possible to have a pretty brand that’s based in strategy, rooted in the desires and dreams of your ideal client, and that feels aligned with your purpose. We cozy up and explore your mission, values, and vision to set us up for success. (Coffee optional, but encouraged.)

02 | Build Beautifully (and with Depth!)

With your vision as our foundation, I design each element of your brand identity and request your feedback every step of the way. We not only create a brand that’s visually beautiful – we create a consistent, streamlined, and classic brand that goes the distance. 

03 | Stand Out, Simply

Your new brand is ready to build authentic connection with your ideal clients, instead of trying to wave at them from afar. Your newly elevated brand presence sets you up as a recognizable, sophisticated, go-to expert – and I cannot wait to celebrate this new season of your business with you!

The Foundation is the turnkey for your new, elevated brand identity, creating a consistent (and beautiful!) cornerstone for everywhere your business has a visual presence. 

The Foundation

  • A complete, relationship-driven branding strategy process, so your brand will be aligned with your goals, vision, and values
  • Industry research
  • Creative direction
  • Primary and secondary logos
  • Your original color and font palette
  • Launch graphics
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 2-3 week average timeline

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6 payments of

Dreaming of being completely done with DIY and having your brand completely created by an expert? This is the service for you, with every element you need to capture your brand in style. 

Brand Design & Showit Template Customization

  • A complete, relationship-driven branding strategy process, so your brand will be aligned with your goals, vision, and values
  • Industry research
  • Creative direction
  • Primary and secondary logos
  • Your original color and font palette
  • Signature stationery design (business & note cards)
  • Showit template customization + Basic SEO
  • Your choice of template from the Lyra Studios Shop
  • Launch graphics
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 4 week average timeline
    *Other templates can be used but aren't included*

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6 payments of:

Ditch the DIY cycle with not only a fully custom brand, but a fully custom, 5-6 page Showit website.

Brand Design & Fully Custom Showit Website

  • A complete, relationship-driven branding strategy process, so your brand will be aligned with your goals, vision, and values
  • Industry research
  • Creative direction
  • Primary and secondary logos
  • Your original color and font palette
  • Social media templates (editable in Canva)
  • Signature stationery design (business & note cards)
  • 5-6 page fully custom Showit website
  • Basic SEO
  • Launch graphics
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 6-8 week average timeline

go all in




8 payments of

See something you want and don't see? I put together custom proposals all the time - every business is different. Some items my clients choose to include in their packages are:

Add on options

  • Social media graphics (Editable in Canva)
  • Stationery - Business and notecards
  • Welcome, pricing, or style guide design
  • Promotional brochures/postcards
  • Additional illustrations/graphics
  • And more! Just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so excited to see my new brand! How long will the process take?

The key to good design is simplicity, and the key to a good design process is time – but just the perfect amount of it! Projects typically take between 4 and 6weeks, which gives us plenty of room for your feedback at every stage while keeping us energized and moving forward. 

How do I know if it’s time to rebrand or design a new brand for my business?

I know that building a fresh brand is a big decision! My clients often tell me that they’re motivated by a gut feeling, an obstacle in their business, or both. 

Maybe you feel embarrassed or reluctant to send people to your website and social media, or you’re stressed and unsure in your constant DIY cycle. 

Maybe you lack actual materials (like welcome guides, business cards, or other brand touchpoints) that hold you back from creating more connection in your client experience, or you’re ready to raise prices, break into a luxury market, and finally stand out. 

All of those can be good signs that you’re ready for this next step!

Do I need to prepare anything before we start working together?

The more information and inspiration you can share about your business, the better, but you don’t need to prepare anything in advance. Our brand strategy process is designed to dig deep, getting clear on (and excited about!) your business’s vision, values, goals, ideal clients, and so much more. Once you book, we’ll get started exploring all of the above through your questionnaire and a custom Pinterest board.

Will you use my favorite colors and fonts in the project?

Your branding process is collaborative! I ask you lots of questions to get a good sense of your vision, and I always aim to bring the complexities of branding down to earth. While I honor your preferences, I also know that you’re counting on me to create a strategic brand that connects with your ideal clients and will truly go the distance – so your open-mindedness is also key to where the process takes us!

At every step of the process, you have a chance to weigh in on moodboards, colors and fonts, patterns, illustrations, and logo concepts in use, so your feedback plus my design eye will help create a final product you’ll love. 

Do you customize website templates on other platforms besides Showit?

Showit offers us the most creative freedom in terms of customization, so your website can look and function exactly how you’ve always imagined it! For that reason, I only design on Showit. 

"I am attracting my ideal clients and BOOKING them at a price point I am really excited about. My investment in rebranding with Lyra Studios was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

- Maeghan Spurr

"I honestly was blown away by not only the quality of Lauren's work but also her professionalism. Her response time and attentiveness along with her level of artistry will have me recommending her over and over again."

- nicole roberts

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but my mind was completely blown when Lauren came back with my branding presentation. It was like she somehow went into my brain and translated my feelings and thoughts into absolutely gorgeous high-end design."

- Christina

-kristin wood

From start to finish, working with Lauren has been the best experience! From our first conversation, I felt like she understood my brand and more importantly, the clients and mamas I serve...she nailed it!

Design your brand with purpose, so it’s made to grow with you. 

build your beautiful brand

What new doors will your brand open?

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