At Lyra Studios, I’m here to give creative business owners like you more confidence through strong and stylish visual branding design.

I believe that a lot of that confidence comes through connection – both in our work together, and in how you help your clients feel truly bonded to your brand.

After all, I’m all about the simple truth that your biggest differentiator is… YOU. You can sidestep competition through your authenticity and build your success on connection-driven strategy, and that’s what we’ll do together.

So I guess it’s time that I officially introduce myself!

Creatives, makers, & lifestyle brands

brand designer serving

At Lyra Studios, I love to design for small businesses because, well, I am one. As a former photographer and corporate designer who brought this studio to life in between my kids’ naps, I’ve also been there.

While I actually liked my corporate jobs at the time and learned a lot from them, I always wondered what it would be like to design for something or someone other than masculine-oriented industries. I started Lyra Studios when I was craving more freedom, both to be there for my family and to create things I really loved.

Now, as your brand designer, that’s also what I get to help make possible for you. I love helping other creative business owners through branding and design so you too can achieve the kind of freedom that feels right for you, whether you have kids, want to travel, or just want to lead your life on your terms.

I’m Lauren, and around here I bring my down-to-earth spirit to build

smart, beautiful brands from the heart.

Here's what you need to know about working with me:

My Values

Trust, growth, open mindedness, clarity, simplicity, ease, connection, authenticity


Loyal, patient, and relationship-driven…think Leslie Knope, but more zen :) 


Enneagram 6, if you’re familiar with the whole enneagram thing!

Here’s how we design your dream brand:

Fully-custom brands for uniquely creative businesses

01 | Start with Strategy

It’s possible to have a pretty brand that’s based in strategy, rooted in the desires and dreams of your ideal client, and that feels aligned with your purpose. We cozy up and explore your mission, values, and vision to set us up for success. (Coffee optional, but encouraged.)

02 | Build Beautifully (and with Depth!)

With your vision as our foundation, I design each element of your brand identity and request your feedback every step of the way. We not only create a brand that’s visually beautiful – we create a consistent, streamlined, and classic brand that goes the distance. 

03 | Stand Out, Simply

Your new brand is ready to build authentic connection with your ideal clients, instead of trying to wave at them from afar. Your newly elevated brand presence sets you up as a recognizable, sophisticated, go-to expert – and I cannot wait to celebrate this new season of your business with you!

When I’m not crafting curated brands for creative clients, you’ll find me…

Want a peek behind the designer’s desk?

Watching feel-good shows like Parks & Rec and The Office

At the beach with my family.

Working in my ever growing garden of fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers.

Running around with and taking a million pictures of my three little tornados (I mean kiddos!)

A favorite brand is like a trusted friend – and a thoughtful designer is too. 

Let’s capture and create your brand together. 

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