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I’ve worked with a variety of amazing creative business owners such as photographers, wedding planners, interior designers, and restaurants to name just a few. 

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 I create purposeful brands for women in business so they can be recognized in luxury markets and build connection at every touchpoint.

Hey! I'm Lauren

The big question lingering in many small biz owners’ minds is: can I make money and succeed in my business without a custom brand?

Branding can be quite the investment and it’s often one that small businesses owners wonder if they can put off until later. 

It’s something that often gets DIY’d at the beginning and it makes sense – when you’re at the beginning of your business you often don’t have the funds to invest in many things – custom branding included.

But can DIY sustain your business permanently?

The answer is no.

Without a cohesive, professional brand, you can definitely make money but you WILL hit a wall at some point. Usually for my clients, this happens when they want to raise their prices and appeal to more of a luxury market.

How a custom brand changes everything

When you get to a certain price point, the expectation goes up – people want to feel like they can trust your business when they are going to invest a lot of money. Branding plays a key role in being seen as a credible, trustworthy business and a strong brand builds loyalty.

When you build a strategy-based brand that reflects your values, supports your vision for the future, and honors your story, you can easily step into a higher price point and attract exactly the kinds of people you’d like to work with.

The reality is, the most successful and profitable businesses have a strong brand identity.

So when you’re ready to take your business to the next level + build loyalty and trust with your clients/followers, it’s time to invest in a custom brand based on strategy.

Lyra Studios creates purposeful brands for women in business so they can be recognized in luxury markets and build connection at every touchpoint. If you’re ready to ditch the DIY cycle and create a brand that will help your business grow, get in touch and let’s get started.

"I am attracting my ideal clients and BOOKING them at a price point I am really excited about. My investment in rebranding with Lyra Studios was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

- Maeghan Spurr

Kind Words

“I’m so in love with all of the work Lauren did for me! I’m making more money, booking my ideal clients, and have my dream look of an actual business. [Business has been] amazing!!!”

- Sarah Teddar

Kind Words

- Gabbie Messer

“I have 23 weddings for next year already!! I love my branding and my website so much! Very high end and classy! It has really helped me to increase my prices and reach a high end clientele!”

Kind Words

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